Monday, April 22, 2024
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Dragonfly Rolls n Bowls – Gainesville

Dragonfly Rolls n Bowls – Gainesville

Dragonfly Rolls n Bowls

As a visitor to Gainesville since my college days (just to get out of Orlando once in a while), I would always hit up the Bento Cafe with my friends for their delicious and cheap Asian inspired cuisine. Once in a while, I would get to venture out to see what other offerings are out there in Gainesville, the land of the Florida Gators.

Hidden in a plaza off of SW 34th Street near Archer Road, Rolls n Bowls is the latest addition to the whole “fast-casual” trend going on in the restaurant industry these days. The concept is simple: save time and costs by having customers order up front at the counter as the “chefs” make the meals. Usually by throwing the ingredients together in a bowl. In Chipotle’s case, its rice, beans and chicken or shredded pork or steak. At Rolls n Bowls, its rice and salmon or tuna or tofu or veggies instead. They take traditional sashimi fish and place them on top of their rice bowls along with any additional seasonings desired. The cool thing about it is that each bowl can be customized to your wish or you can pick one of the predetermined mixes that they have on the menu. The quality of the fish is ok, not the greatest ever, but not the worst either.

One of the best things is the spicy mayo sauce that they have, its orangey red goodness.

Entering the Rolls N Bowls
Dragonfly Rolls n Bowls

This is a sweet new tea with slivers of fruit inside

Dragonfly Rolls n Bowls: Donordame Bowl!!

tuna, salmon, escolar, smoked salmon, crabstick, scallions, shrimp and more

Dragonfly Rolls n Bowls

Spicy mayo sauce at Dragonfly Rolls n Bowls

Tasty Chomps Rating!!!
3.5 out of 5 tasty chomps…

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