Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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Pita Pit – Halloween in Downtown Orlando

Pita Pit – Halloween in Downtown Orlando

This past Friday I was able to experience for my first time the spectacle that is Halloween in downtown Orlando. It was a fairly nice evening downtown. As my friends and I came upon Orange Avenue, the mayhem began. Thousands upon thousands of Central Floridians dressed in their favorite costumes walked the streets.

Halloween more and more has been becoming a adult themed holiday, with adults having just as fun as the kids dressing up for Halloween. People always say hey I don’t dress like this every day so why not? But just a reminder, underwear and a bra do not constitute a “costume”, for those who like to dress up as their favorite nurse, police officer, or other bdsm persona. And there seemed to be quite a few of those this year on the streets.

It was my first time seeing so many people downtown, I think they should make it into a parade or something like Carnivale in South America some day. Until then, here are some pretty cool outfits out there this Halloween:

It’s the pile of money staring at me from Geico LOL

the scariest costumes of the evening by far

It’s Hellboy, complete with his hellkey hand

Is that ET?

Deadpool is awesome

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!


Watch out , they ain’t afraid of no ghost…Ghostbusters!!

Street Fighters!

The Tin Man

The Mad Hatter

I thought he was there for crowd control, but no just a costume har har

It was fun until around 1:30am when the alcohol sat in and people started getting handcuffed by the 5-0 or laid out on the streets waiting for the paramedics to whisk them away…cue exit.

Pita Pit has been a long time favorite for those who enjoy staying up late at night whether it be in the college towns or downtown. On this crazy evening we were able to secure a spot in line to get a pita!

Pita Pit downtown Orlando

Pita Pit Downtown Orlando

The pita we ordered did not come out (a cheesesteak pita) and we just got a regular steak, but I am sure its from the chaos from the evening. I actually am not a big fan of Pita Pit as I find their pita bread a bit too dry and bland, and after a while, it all starts tasting the same….but its healthy and fresh and that’s hard to find late-night.

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