Got Beef?? Beefy King – Orlando, FL

Got Beef?? Beefy King – Orlando, FL

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Beefy King – Orlando FL
or Long Live the King!


Beefy King off of Bumby Ave is a Orlando landmark, home of the famous Beefy King roast beef sandwiches and “tasty spuds” (tater tots) sides. Lunch time is always busy here, filled to the brim with Orlando natives and transplants. From businessmen to students out for the summer, all united under this 1960s era relic for a nostalgic taste of the high school cafeteria style, crispy fried tater tots.

The chairs and booths and diner style stools all look the same as they were in 1967 when Beefy King first opened. For a city with so many openings and closings each year, the staying power of Beefy King is uncanny and shows that Orlando’s love for the roast beef sandwich here is timeless.

The roast beef sandwich is indeed a step above the Arby’s style roast beef sandwich, its juicier and more natural tasting, going perfect with their horseradish sauce or barbeque.

They also serve ham and pastrami sandwiches.

424 N. Bumby Ave.
Orlando, FL 32803-6028

Tasty Chomps Rating!!!!
4.5 out of 5 Beefy Chomps!!!!

Scenes from Beefy King






Beefy King’s roast beef sandwich, some tater tots, and a root beer all is right in Orlando foodie heaven

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  • Oh man, I pass by this place all the time and never really knew what it was like inside…gotta try next time! 🙂

    Do you know if they are open on Sundays?

  • I don't like roast beef all that much, but I think I should still give Beefy King a try…

  • As long as I've lived in Central Florida, and as many people as I've heard rave about this place, I cannot believe I haven't been here yet.

    An upcoming visit is definitely needed….

  • P.S. Those tots looks ah-may-zing! (Big tot fan here….)

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