Hamburger Mary – Church Street – Downtown Orlando

Hamburger Mary – Church Street – Downtown Orlando

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When searching for the best burger in Orlando, a few names pop up over and over again. The eclectic Hamburger Mary’s is one of those places renown for their awesome hamburgers. Located off of Church Street in Downtown Orlando and only a few blocks away from the new Amway Center, Hamburger Mary is a hamburger haven for those working downtown and looking for a good place for lunch.


The inside of Hamburger Mary’s is colored with purples and golds, kind of like visiting your weird aunt’s living room, complete with soft purple carpeting on the floor. They also host drag shows here with celebrity female impersonators (check show times by calling in).

On my visit, I ordered the “Blue Boy Burger”, a burger made with bleu cheese, topped with bacon and blue cheese dressing. The burger was juicy and large, and pretty much delicious. The buns were okay, could have been better.


The only issue I have is that it costs about $10 to park downtown which is pretty much the same price as the burger I had for lunch. The parking prices are ridiculous! How’s a guy to eat when it costs more to park? GRRR !!

lol well anyways here are some shots of the burgers from Hamburger Mary!

The Blue Boy Burger at Hamburger Mary
The Pilgrim Burger – Holiday special

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  • Themeperks

    The Barbra Q Burger is also great. You can park in the lot under I4 for $1/hr.

  • Anonymous

    Great looking burger and fries too! I'm still trying to puzzle out the connection between a burger joint and a celebrity drag show. My partner and I like our burgers without a side dish of self-loathing, 1950s style mincing puffery…

  • Teeny

    Where were you parking that it cost $10? If you park under the I4 overpass it only costs like $3.

    I've been wanting to try this place, so I'm glad to see a review!

  • Brianna

    I think I am hungry… my stomach is really making sounds right now. I love hamburgers a lot and I would love to try this one. Thank you for the information and I am looking forward for more of your post.

  • Mr. Bill

    Wonderful Photos!! Thanks.

  • Lake Mary Food Critic

    Certainly agree about the cost of downtown parking, but the burger I had here a while back was one of the better burgers around, and the atmosphere itself is worth the trip!

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