Saturday, May 25, 2024
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thejohncheng’s Eat of the Week: Thrive

Restaurant: Thrive

Location: 13 S Orange Ave, Orlando FL 32801

Some buddies of mine invited me out to the Magic vs. Jazz game last week (Magic won), and we went to Thrive to grab some dinner first.  This was my first time at Thrive, and I love trying new places.  Now, Thrive is a cocktail lounge and eatery, which is usually not my style as I don’t drink, but I do enjoy eating, and they had some good eating.  We ordered a bunch of stuff, 2 rolls, an order of Hamachi, Mr. Rice Guy, Tofu Fighters, some noodles, and all were really good.  However, the All-Star of the night had to be the Drunken Belly.

It’s Pork Belly Bites served over some Sushi Rice, and they make it perfectly.  The pork bites were crispy on the outside, and super juicy and tender on the inside.  They cover it in this sweet sauce, and you balance that with the sweet rice and scallions, and your mouth just goes mmmmmmmm.  I recommend trying this if you are into delicious things.

Anyway, I assume you want to see some pictures, so please see below. The Magic may have beaten the Jazz this night, but I was real winner.  Thanks for reading and I wish you good eats!!

Drunken Belly
(To)fu Fighters – also really good
Mr Rice Guy (I think) – I didn’t order this, but I liked it.


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