Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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Tortilleria La Mexicana

On my way to visit my bros Mike Cho and Xi Guo at their newly opened store, “Impress Ink Tees” in a warehouse right behind McDonald’s on Goldenrod and Colonial Drive, I stumbled upon this place:

Tortilleria La Mexicana

Seeing the words authentic, mexican, and $5.99 special got me in the door. The problem was there was a language barrier inside. Luckily the young cashier at the grocery store helped me out and let the waitress/order lady know what i wanted. (The tortelleria, grocery store, and even a ice cream store are all in the same place, kinda like a mexican super store for all your mexican needs)

I order one of the combos that came with a hard taco and two enchiladas with a side of rice and drink. I also bought a bag of habenero flavored chips.

This is Mike Cho, co owner of Impress Ink Tees in his t shirt making apron

Bag of Toreadas, habenero flavor

Overall the meal was disappointing, the meat was not freshly cooked and was rather rough and the taco shell seemed a bit stale. the enchiladas were just okay. overall i would give it a second chance especially seeing that they are reknown for their tortas. I will try their tortas next time.

Shameless Plug of the Day

Impress Ink Tees is a multipurpose t shirt making company that is located in the Orlando area. If you need their service, visit their website at and tell them Tasty Chomps sent you.

Tasty Chomps Rating
2 out of 5 TASTY CHOMPS !!

Tortilleria La Mexicana
1718 N Goldenrod Rd
Orlando, FL 32807
(407) 384-8757

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