Monday, April 22, 2024
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Dim Sum on the run?

The rain started to fall across the Central Florida sky as I drove up to the parking lot of Chipotle on University Boulevard near UCF.

I looked around cautiously before approaching the short man standing next to his pickup truck, wondering quietly what did I get myself into this time.

I had met the man once before at a event at Jay Blanchard park; he came up and asked me if I liked dim sum, the Chinese brunch dishes. I said why of course…

He slipped me a piece of paper with his e-mail and said to write him because he sells dim sum . Ok…..

So here I was, after a few email exchanges, in the parking lot of Chipotle, as he takes out a ice cooler and opens it up. Inside are the dim sum pieces, frozen and wrapped in plastic trays.

I picked up the packages and brought them home to try for dinner using the steamer.

After about 15 minutes of steaming, they were ready.

First, I tried the ha gow, shrimp dumplings. The translucent shrimp dumplings were small and bite sized and tasted okay. I would rank it slightly above the frozen dim sum dumplings that you can buy at the asian markets.

Next were the siu mai dumplings. The siu mai tasted of minced shitake mushrooms and mixed pork and were slightly softer than I was accustomed to.

Overall It wasn’t the worst dim sum ever, but definitely not the best I ever had.

The man with the ice cooler of dim sum also had zhong or sticky rice dumpling wrapped in banana leaves as well as custard buns and other dishes. I might be coming back for that another time.

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