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J Alexanders – Restaurant Row / Sand Turkey – Orlando FL

J Alexander’s Restaurant
Dr Phillips Area -Restaurant Row / Sand Turkey – Orlando FL

J Alexander’s Restaurant is a relatively new, higher end American style dining restaurant chain in the Rialto plaza on Sand Lake Road at Turkey Lake Road also known as Restaurant Row / Sand Turkey District in the Dr Phillips area.

Stepping into J Alexander’s, I could feel money just exuding, permeating from the place (at least, I could feel it exuding out of my wallet). Inside, J Alexander’s is a darkly lit, very modern, almost romantic place. The design is sophisticated and sleek with the centerpiece being a tower of a wine glass display. You can also see the kitchen working away in the back. Our server is very friendly and very accommodating.

Inside J Alexander’s

A Look towards The Kitchen of J Alexander’s

For the price of it though, this place is all bark and very little bite. Its like meeting a pretty model only to realize there is nothing inside but the shiny exterior. The food wasn’t bad by all means, but definitely not worth the price for it all, with many of the dishes ranging from the mid to upper $20s.

For starters, we ordered the overpriced creamy chicken-pasta soup ($6), with very littly chicken and very little pasta. The soup itself tasted like it came from a can, with processed cheese added in. Not a good start to the meal.

J Alexander’s creamy chicken-pasta soup…blaise blaise

Crystal ordered the Rotisserie Chicken ($16), one-half of a seasoned chicken with a heaping of “smashed potatoes”. The chicken was spiced pretty well, but I found it to be a bit dry. The mashed potatoes were ridiculously portioned, the size was basically larger than my head. Is it over compensation? I think so. The presentation wasn’t all the great either as it looked like the chicken was getting eaten by the mashed potato monster.

J Alexander’s Rotisserie Chicken

My partner and I shared the extra thick 16 oz cut of the slow roasted Prime Rib ($28). The prime rib was actually pretty decent, tender, juicy and savory. Yummy.

J Alexander’s Slow Roasted Prime Rib

Overall, the meal was okay but with the prices and all the pomp, it was just so-so. I would skip everything and just go straight for the prime rib or steaks!

Tasty Chomps
Rating 3 out of 5 Tasty Chomps!!!

J. Alexander's Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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