Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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Koryodang Bakery and Tai Pan Bakery Flushing Queens New York

On my latest trip to New York, I was privileged to try a few of the delicious bakeries in the Flushing area….

Koryodang Bakery – Flushing Queens New York City


This is my first time in a Korean bakery, at Koryodang Bakery in Flushing off of 39th Avenue on Union Street just a few blocks away from the Main Street Metro station. I thought it was pretty classy inside and their baked goodies looked marvelous, but I also recognized a few buns that are popular in Chinese bakeries. Coincidence? Methinksnot. The decor is very classy, maybe too classy for a bakery.

My grandlil Thierry of the University of South Florida thoroughly enjoyed it though, especially his fruit danish.

A look inside Koryodang Bakery, a franchise from South Korea


Danishes! one of my favorites of types of pastries of all time!

Thierry enjoys his danish from Koryodang Bakery

Koryodang on Urbanspoon

Tai Pan Bakery – Flushing, Queens, New York City


A little bit north of the Downtown Flushing Main Street metro station is a favorite bakery of mine: Tai Pan Bakery. When stepping inside, your senses are immediately overwhelmed and intoxicated by the sweet aroma and flavors of the pastries and cakes. I love it.

Sweet, sweet glorious buns…

I order a few buns from Tai Pan Bakery with Eric including the pork filling bun, a coconut cream bun, and an egg custard tart as well as some soy milk to wash it all down with. They also have a unique almond egg custard that is colored white and has a sliver of almond in the middle. The perfect breakfast for me. The prices are relatively cheap, with most of the items ranging around $1.00 more or less.

A look inside Tai Pan Bakery

Tai Pan’s home made delicious sweet soy milk

Flushing Tai Pan Bakery’s Almond egg custard

Another one bites the dust at Tai Pan Bakery

Tai Pan Bakery’s Creamy coconut bun

Tai Pan Bakery’s Traditional Egg custard

Tai Pan Bakery’s Pateso?

Indeed it is!

4.5 out of 5 Tasty Chomps!!!

Tai Pan Bakery on Urbanspoon

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