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Pars Mediterranean Cuisine – Oviedo Florida

Pars Mediterranean Cuisine – Oviedo Florida


Pars Mediterranean Cuisine located in sunny Oviedo, Florida on Aloma Ave just northeast of Dean Road, sits on the corner of a tiny, if-you-blink-you’ll-miss-it, strip mall and housed in an old Chinese takeout place. They recently opened up and still are putting the place together, with some of typical signs from the Chinese take out menu still inside, taped over with theirown menu items.


Pars is not really a Mediterranean restaurant, they actually are more of Persian / Iranian cuisine, but Mediterranean is a more popularly known cuisine. They serve the typical dishes that come from that region in the Near East including gyros and shish kabob platters atop of yellow Persian basmati-like rice. The first time I had this type of food was when I lived in Washington DC for an internship and nearby our apartment was Kabob Palace, a 24 hour restaurant that served some of the best kabob meat and rice dishes I have ever had.

The owner, a kind, short Persian lady, is the hostess, as well as waitress and cashier at Pars. She walks around to each table with genuine care to check up on us as we dine throughout the visit. Despite being located in a hole-in-the-wall joint, they have tried modestly to spiffy the place up with a few touches from their native Iran, from paintings to traditional garb on the walls, making the place all in all quite quaint.

For lunch, they bring out a tasty bread similar to the Indian naan with an intoxicatingly delicious and sweet garlic butter spread. I really liked the butter dip, so sweet and creamy and perfect with the soft fluffy bread.

Bread and butter dip

After looking through the menu, I decided on the beef and chicken kabob platter on mixed rice, replete with fire roasted tomatoes and a salad of my choice. I chose to have the small, slightly bitter rice-stuffed grape leaves for my salad choice. I enjoyed the beef and chicken in the dish as they were fresh and also had that hot, fire grill taste to them, going quite well on the soft pillowy grains of the yellow and white mixed rice.

Combo Number 1: Beef and Chicken Kabob platter on yellow basmati rice and stuffed grape leaves

For dessert, I tried their own home made Persian ice cream made right here at Pars. It is a unique tasting ice cream made with vanilla bean, saffron, rosewater (used heavily in Iranian cuisine for sweets), pistachios and other various Persian spices. It had a yellow color to it and tasted just wonderful.

Sweet Persian Ice Cream with rosemary, saffron, and pistachios

Overall I had a great experience at Pars and enjoyed their cuisine and would definitely be back for more. I now know where to go when I am in the mood for good kabobs and Persian cuisine here in Orlando.

Note: the chef also makes chocolate cake, key lime pie, and sweet baklava home made and fresh on the premises for desserts.

Tasty Chomps rating
4.5 out of 5 tasty chomps!!!

Pars Mediterranean Cuisine
(407) 657-2357
2960 W State Road 426
Oviedo, FL 32765

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