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Shin Jung – Korean – Orlando

Shin Jung – Korean – Orlando

The meat sizzled on the iron plates in front of us, smoke rising into the vents above the tiny house. The bulgogi and kalbi marinated meats hissed and crackled as the flames flickered below the grills. The smell of Korean barbeque is always intoxicating, especially if you are eating at Shin Jung.

Shin Jung Korean restaurants sits on Colonial Drive just west of Bumby Avenue in a little house-like structure with a green roof. The dining area is tiny, maybe less than 40 people can fit in here at one time. The entire building smelled the wonderful aroma of delicious food cooking.

But the problem about being in a small place with lots of bbq fumes is that the fumes literally stick to your skin, your hair, and your clothes, thus I would recommend showering after your experience at shin jung and also do not wear any fancy clothes or anything that you wouldn’t mind reeking of korean bbq stank.

The Interior @ Shin Jung Restaurant, Orlando

An average meal here averages about $20 and up, a bit pricey considering that you only get one complementary bowl of korean rice, but its enough to get full. Definitely come with friends though as it takes at least 4 people to make the meal worth it.

Our party orders the traditional dishes: soon tofu, a spicy tofu style soup and one of my favorites here at Shin Jung, kimchijigae, a kimchi spicy soup, seafood pancake, bulgogi and kalbi. Our meal is served with tiny dishes of pickled cucumbers, cabbage, bean sprouts, anchovies, and other delectable appetizing items.

Seafood Pancake @ Shin Jung Restaurant, Orlando

Soon Tofu soup @ Shin Jung Restaurant, Orlando

Kimchijigae soup @ Shin Jung Restaurant, Orlando

Free assorted bachchan @ Shin Jung Restaurant, Orlando

The Grill @ Shin Jung Restaurant, Orlando

@ Shin Jung Restaurant, Orlando

Meat on the grill @ Shin Jung Restaurant, Orlando


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  1. The food there is aight but i expected a lot more from all the hype i hear about Korean food being sooo good… They most definitely need a better way to cool the place down… one of the most uncomfy things that gets me when im out for some grub is sweating the whole time while im eating.