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Food Shack – Jupiter Florida

Food Shack – Jupiter Florida

During the holidays I was able to check out a popular little place by Jupiter Beach as well as catch up with an old friend from high school. The place is called Little Moir’s (pronounced Moyer) Food Shack, or just Food Shack for short.

I’ve always drove by this place and noticed the long lines waiting outside its door. Trusting in the wisdom of crowds, I made a guess that this place may be worth a visit.

After about a 20 minute wait, my friend and I are ushered into the “Food Shack“. Inside, the decor is definitively “beachy” themed with tikis, oceany memorabilia, and tropical colored lights make it feel like some dive bar near the Florida keys rather than the Palm Beaches. The place is small (no wonder there is always a line) with probably no more than 25 seats in the whole place.

Jupiter is not known for great or cutting edge cuisine, but the Food Shack is an exception. The menu is updated daily and contains mostly seafood with a pacific twist.

We begin our order with an appetizer: the Fried tuna and basil roll with wasabi dipping. My friend Jesse comments that “it’s really good.” I concurred. For our entrees, he had the sweet potato crusted yellowtail over greens with green beans, mango, and a garlic lime dressing while I had the butternut and rosemary crusted yellowtail over greens with asparagus, apple, pears and a tomato lime dressing. The dishes were creative and executed very well.

My friend Jesse, Princeton grad and Stanford Med student,
ready to devour his plate and conquer its soul

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