Gaby’s Pizza – Queens, NY

On one of my travels to New York, I met up with a few friends, courtesy of Winston, at a small little pizzeria in Jamaica Queens NY called Gaby’s Pizza. They are known (according to the Rachel Ray Show), as having the “Best Pizza in New York”. I ordered a Sicilian, a rectangular thick crust version of Pizza, and it was quite delectable. The cheese was fresh and the crust tasted like bread which in itself is quite the accomplishment. Although I did enjoy the pizza, I may have had better elsewhere. But Gaby’s Pizza was still pretty darn good pizza.

Delighting in the revelry of Pizza at Gaby’s Pizza

One must enjoy the simple things in life

Gaby’s Pizza: The Sicilian!

Gaby’s Pizza: Pepperoni!


They won Best Pizza in New York, see?

Gaby's Pizzeria on Urbanspoon