Sommerfest – Germany – Disney World – EPCOT


Sommerfest, also known as Oktoberfest’s little brother, provides quick and easy hand food to go just outside the large buffet hall of Oktoberfest in Disney’s EPCOT Germany in the World Showcase.




Their menu includes:

Bratwurst served with sauerkraut and roll $6.69,
Frankfurter served with sauerkraut and roll $6.59
Salted Soft Pretzel – $4.29
Black Forest Cake Roulade $3.59
Seasonal Crumble Cake – with whipped cream $3.59
Bavarian Cheesecake $3.59
Apple Strudel with vanilla sauce $3.59

All quite reasonable prices considering we are in the locked inside Disney’s protective bubble-shield against all things unhappy.

Bratwurst with a bun! yum!

A Look inside the magnicifent hall known as Oktoberfest

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  1. Love it. We always stop in here to get inspiration for our annual Rifetoberfest party that coincides with the real oktoberfest in Munich. We've held off getting out annual passes again but I think you just inspired us to man up and shout PROST. Thanks for the post and for the site. We subscribe and love all the local grub. Cheers.