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Ginza – Sushi/ Japanese Steakhouse – Orlando

Ginza – Sushi/ Japanese Steakhouse – Orlando

Ginza is housed in the huge building in the Mills-50 district along Colonial Dr just west of Mills Ave in what used to be Vietnam Town Restaurant. I attended as part of a large party for the birthday of a dear friend. We had quite a few of us there but the service was pretty good and attentive considering the large number of guests.

Inside, the decor of Ginza was a marked improvement of the past building, furnished with modern lighting and settings, a full set of hibachi tables to the left side and a large horse carriage bedazzled in Christmas lighting in the front. A nice touch on the horse statue, I am sure you won’t see PF Changs do that to their horses any time soon.


I want to see this restaurant do well but it is hard to support a place when the food, which is most important above all else, is lacking. They do have a great deal though where you can order (not at the hibachi table) for $13.95 for dinner either Hibachi Chicken, Steak, & Shrimp?(Served with vegetables, fried rice, noodle, house soup, & salad) or Sushi Roll Combo?(Your choice of three rolls from the list below and a miso soup). Alot of food yes, but good tasty food? not really

The sushi rolls were wet, drenched in eel sauce and lacking in flavor. The hibachi shrimp fried rice was just ok, maybe the quality of chinese take out, but some people like that chinese take out. I guess you get what you pay for and this is no exception. Hopefully they get a better chef or better quality ingredients soon.

Tuna kobachi

Shrimp Fried rice

Sushi rolls

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