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Boston Bakery & Cafe – Banh Mi

Boston Bakery & Cafe – Banh Mi

Located just west of Bumby Avenue off of Colonial Drive, Boston Bakery and Cafe probably has some of the best banh mi in Orlando, if they have them available on your visit…

Do keep in mind this place neither has much to do with Boston nor is it a bakery in the traditional sense of the term.

They sell Banh Mi! Those lovely Vietnamese sub sandwiches filled with carrots and daikon, cucumbers, veggies, and deli meats or meat balls or pate all for $3.00!

What makes the banh mi at Boston bakery good is their home made bread that they use, fresh and tasty and crunchy.
But do not expect much else from this place as it is a hole in the wall.

Do not expect
1 . Good Service or any type of Service (you may have to holler for attention )
2. Pay by any other means of card (they only accept cash)
3. A place to sit (theres only two tables, when i went i shared a table with a stranger)

Banh mi is street food item any way, so its always good on the go, save the bread crumbs on your lap
Boston Bakery and Cafe in Orlando also sell various Vietnamese desserts and goodies like patechaud pastries.
All of these items including the banh mi are susceptible to running out at times ….

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