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Star Wars Celebration V 2010 in Orlando FL: Recap and Impressions

Star Wars Celebration V 2010 in Orlando FL: Recap and Impressions

Jedis, Siths, Droids, Imperial Stormtroopers, Rebel forces and everything from a galaxy far far away all converged onto Orlando’s Orange County Convention Center this weekend for Star Wars Celebration V.

On Saturday, the main event included an interview of the granddaddy of the Force himself, George Lucas by Daily Show host Jon Stewart. During the interview George Lucas, said in response to some of the questions, “If only I could make another Star Wars film” to which the crowd began to cheer and Jon Stewart replied “You do realize that most of the people out there won’t be sleeping tonight, right?”

shout out to @jodi_kiely who i met up with there!

Here are some photos of the event!

Jabba the Hut hanging out
Slave Leia at Jabba’s
Star Wars Commitment Chapel
Star Wars Fighter!
Future Imperial Stormtrooper
Happy Jedi
Evil Emperor 
Stormtrooper couple
Jabba Food Court
Darth Vader and his son
Lady Leias
Slave Leia harem
Rebel Fighter
Predator the Sith
501 created this
Funny show
Han Solo and Chewbacca

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