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Lechenora Latina 2 – East Orlando


Lechonera is a term used to describe restaurants that serve “lechon asado” the roast pork that is traditionally served during Christmas time in Latin American countries all year round. Lechoneras are very popular among Latino communities and it is no surprise that they have been popping up through out Central Florida. Most are small mom and pop type places, the definition of hole in the walls, my favorite type of establishment. For often times it is in these hole in the walls that you find the best eats (and at a great price!).


Lechonera Latina #2 is the offspring of (yes you guessed it) Lechonera Latina #1 located just a little west on Colonial near Dean Road. This Lechonera Latina #2 is located across from the busy Wal-Mart near the corner of Colonial Drive and Alafaya Trail. Inside you will feel like you are transported to the islands or some country in South America, the walls are painted with tropical scenes, and on this brisk day the doors were wide open to let the cool air in. There are little stalls where the food waits for your order ready to be scooped up in hefty portions and placed into your styrofoam to-go containers. In the back, huge pots filled with beef stew, stewed chicken, rice and beans, and more are all being churned and cooked fresh.


Specializing in Dominican, Puerto Rican, and Latin cuisine, Lechonera Latina offers a variety of dining choices. For $7.00 you can get a whole meal with rice or noodles and a side item with your choice of Carnes De Res Guisada (Beef Stew), Costilla Guisada (Rib Stew), Rabo Guisado (Ox Tail Stew), Cerdo Guisado (Pork Stew), Cabrito Guisado (Goat Stew), Bacalao Guisado (Cod Fish Stew), Bistec Con Cebolla Y Pimiento (Pepper Steak), Pernil Asado (Roasted Pork Shoulder), Cuajito (Pork Chitlins), Pollo Al Horno (Roasted Chicken), Costillita a La Barbacoa (Barbecued Ribs), Carne Frita De Cerdo (Fried Pork), Rabo De Res (Ox Tail), or Chuleta al Horno (Pork Chops). They also make sandwiches here for $5.00.


Ox tail with some noodles

On my first time there, I ordered the pernil sandwich, a large sandwich made with cuban bread and chunk full of roast pork. Very good. On a second time, I tried the ox tail which was also quite tasty but watch out for the bones. Overall I would recommend getting to go here.

Pernil Sandwich with roast pork


Tres Leches dessert – this company does all the areas desserts it seems lol

Visit them online at:

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  1. Lechenora Latina is one of my favorite food stop every time i get to visit Central Florida… the place is not very typical for a romantic time but mind you the food is so perfect for everybody's taste. The home style food preparation is just so amazing.

  2. […] Lechonera Latina – With lunches starting at $3.99 for a huge heaping of roast pork and yellow rice with pigeon peas, it’s no wonder this Dominican street food cafeteria is a hotspot among both locals and students trying to get a bite to eat. The pork is good, but try also the very Dominican breakfast special, mangu, made with mashed plantains with eggs and sausage. […]