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Guest blog post – Morton’s Steakhouse – Bar Bites – Power Hour menu

This is a guest post from Kha Duong! check it out! this review was from a recent media event put on by Morton’s to check out their bar bites menu, a happy hour menu at their bar.

If you would like to guest post, feel free to email me at tastychomps @ gmail (dot) com


Morton’s Steakhouse – Bar Bites – by Kha Duong

Morton’s Steakhouse is a prime example of tradition. You are greeted at the front door by a host with a warm smile in a nice tuxeudo. While tonight I was not here for the prime aged steaks but rather to experience there “Bar Bites” Menu. But Morton’s is doing what younger restaurants have been doing for quite some time. Social Media, both Twitter and Facebook, are now being used by the restaurant not only for promotion but also to share about the history and the people working there. Trying to reach a younger more connected generation of clientle.

But we are here to talk about the food. We started with salmon pizza and steak sandwiches. The salmon pizza was by far my favorite itemof the night. The classic combination of salmon and capers was fantastic, the capers’ salty flavor accented the salmon very well, with the pizza twist. The steak sandwiches were only average, the bread was uninspiring and the steak was slightly over charred. The next food item was the Cobb Salad bites with very clever presentation. However. the blue cheese crumbles and dressing overwhelmed the tasteless circular iceburg lettuce cutouts. The BLT Crabcake sandwich were delicious, but I recommend only getting the crab cake bites instead of the whole sandwich. The last item tasted was the Blue Cheese French Fires, which. while good. I believe these are just an after thought. The blue cheese overpowered the fries and this dish could have benefited from a different cheese blend.

A very good part of the meal was the 4 specialty beverages. A Cosmo, Pineapple Vodka Mortini, Moijito and Pomegranate Martini. All these beverages were well made and had distinct bright flavors. The pineapple-infused vodka martini was the best out of the four by far and their mojito made me a convert for that beverage.

The ending carrot Cake was a very good dessert and would recommend it as a good way to end the meal.

I would give it 3 1/2 out of 5 stars for their Power House.


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