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The Capital Grille – Spring 2012 – Lunch Plates 3 for $18


The Capital Grille is one of my favorite high-end restaurants in Orlando, it’s a place where I can go where I know the service and the food will all be top notch, a testament to managing partner Randy Cook and executive chef Matthew Price’s dedication to excellence. I’ve never been disappointed there.

The interior is a bit clubby, you could imagine executives or politicians, people with power and money dining here, probably on the corporate account card for their visit to the nearby Orlando Convention center. They are probably most known for their excellent steaks and a wine selection hand picked by Master Sommelier and Orlando local George Miliotes.

Luckily there is a menu during lunch that is pretty affordable for locals.

The Capital Grille recently launched their Spring “Plates” menu, featuring three new selections: Asparagus Soup, Shrimp and Piquillo Peppers with Crisp Bomba Rice and Grilled Spring Vegetables. Guests of The Capital Grille can customize their lunch, choosing from nine “plates” offerings – soup or salad, sandwich and a side – all for $18.

If you visit for lunch, make sure you sit out on the gorgeous patio outside and enjoy the relaxing Florida breeze and sun.

According to Executive Chef Matthew Price, “The new Spring “Plates” lunch menu really highlights some of the crisp, garden-fresh ingredients that are in-season now.”

I recently made a visit to sample the menu. One of the first things I noticed was that the wagyu cheeseburger with egg on top was missing from the winter plates menu last season. I had just loved the way the egg yolk topped off the burger, oozing, yellow, delightful. The lobster roll and the mini tenderloin sandwiches stayed on the menu this time, but I think the lobster roll should have left instead of the burger. We’ll see how next season goes!

For starters, the asparagus soup is chicken broth based, made with fresh shavings of asparagus on top, and was creamy, hearty, yet also flavorful. The soup was fun to eat for me because it was the first time I had asparagus as a soup.

Next, Sous Chef Jason O’ Neill explained the creation of the Shrimp and Piquillo Peppers with Crisp Bomba Rice, “First the rice is prepared, risotto style, with butter heated up in a pan to make the rice crisp and not stick, while the peppers and shrimp are sautéed on the side and topped.”


The Capital Grille’s wonderful Sous Chef Jason O’ Neill


Shrimp and Piquillo Peppers with Crisp Bomba Rice


Asparagus Soup


Spring Vegetables: Zucchini, Squash, Carrots with herb infused oil


Truffle Fries


Crab and Lobster Burger

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