Tuesday, February 27, 2024
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Rainbow Sno-cones – Audubon Park


Summer days are here in Central Florida. With the temperatures on the rise, people everywhere are looking for a little cool respite.

Located in the lovely Audubon Park district at the corner of Corrine Drive and Winter Park Road, Rainbow Sno-cones features delicious little dessert treats known as snowballs that will be sure to you cool down. Made popular in New Orleans, these balls of shaved ice are finer and more silky smooth like fresh “snow” than their coarser, less refined cousin the snowcone. The desserts here are made using an old fashioned shaved ice machine just like the ones they use in New Orleans to get that fine consistency.


Bob Homer of Rainbow Sno-Cones

Owner Bob Homer and his family have owned and operated this small walk-up storefront for over 17 years and has remained a popular place for Central Floridians for their many flavors (over 35) and tasty snowballs. The syrupy flavors are made of sugar rather than fructose based corn syrups and include flavors like strawberry, mango, coconut, grape, root beer, pina colada, and more. There are flavor combinations too like the rainbow, fuzzy navel, and the White Russian, which is a combination of coffee, chocolate and sweet cream. My favorite included the Tiger’s blood (it was here first, years before Charlie Sheen popularized the term), made with strawberry and coconut flavors. I requested some condensed milk on top to make it extra sweet. Prices are very cheap, with most items under $2.00. Cash only.


The Menu


Tiger’s Blood – a delicious mix of coconut and strawberry.

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