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January is National Meat Month

Did you know that January is National Meat Month? A whole month dedicated to meat, could it get any better than that? Below are a few suggested dishes from local area restaurants and their chefs:

Restaurant: Cress
Chef: Hari Pulapaka
Suggested Dish: Cast-Iron Seared Wagyu Beef Hanging Tenders
Quote: “My favorite meat is Wagyu Beef Hanging Tender”

Restaurant: K Restaurant
Chef: Kevin Fonzo
Suggested Dish: Filet Mignon
Quote: “My favorite thing about meat is its versatility and its meatiness, of course!”

Restaurant: Christner’s Del Frisco Prime Steak & Lobster
Chef: David Christner
Suggested Dish: Prime Strip
Quote: “You can never go wrong with seasoning meats with kosher salt and cracked pepper.”

Restaurant/Store: The Meat House
Chef-Owner: Kevin O’Donnell
Suggested Meat: Porterhouse Steak
Quote: “Life would be complete if I could eat a bone-in ribeye cowboy steak every night!”

Restaurant: Taverna Opa Orlando
Chef: Katerina Coumbaros
Suggested Dish: 36-Hour Marinated Lamb Chops
Quote: “I could eat Tzatxiki with meat any day of the week. It’s like my Greek ketchup.”

Restaurant: Peterbrooke Chocolatier of Winter Park
Chef: Kevin Wray
Suggested Dish: Beer & Bacon-Infused Truffles
Quote: “My favorite thing about meat is that it’s always better when followed by a chocolate dessert!”

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