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Lion’s Pride – a New Level of Pride in Orlando, FL

We were happy to explore Lion’s Pride, which is a Soccer Pub & Grill found on Church St. of Downtown Orlando, FL. As stated by their motto, “Big screen soccer action for every game; great food at every seat,” they did not disappoint.

This elite soccer fan-den showcases past and present game memorabilia, club level seating, semi private suites, and a private dining space. A stadium experience is provided in a comfortable soccer-centric environment when you are unable to hop in the stands at the stadium yourself.

The menu features sports bar favorites elevated to a new level. Local and fresh ingredients, signature drinks and the very best craft beers compliment the diverse menu served by a welcoming staff. Lucky us, we experienced a Five Course meal pairing that highlighted a number of delicious meals found at Lion’s Pride.

Peppered Tuna with avocado relish and cilantro lime slaw served with a mini draft of Blue Moon and a fresh orange wedge. The tuna was so fresh it swam onto my plate. Each item on this plate had its unique flavors and we could not have enough of the flavors. Warning: a bite of each all together will make your tastebuds dance.

Petite Brisket Tacos with shredded iceberg lettuce, diced tomato, Queso Blanco & chipotle aioli served with Sam Adams Winter Lager. These tacos were juice and the tortillas were fluffy. Chef created another delicious item on the menu as all the flavors of these tacos blended well.

If you are a salad person, how about the Caprese Salad with red and yellow vine ripe tomatoes, fresh buffalo mozzarella, basil oil and balsamic glaze? This was paired with a 2015 Terra d’ Oro Blended Chenin Blanc. Lion’s Pride was not kidding when they said their ingredients were fresh. The basil oil and balsamic glaze are very light and do not overpower the freshness of the salad.

Shrimp & Lobster Risotto with creamy parmesan served with Lion’s Pride Signature Hand Muddled Marquita. The risotto was cooked perfectly, but please make sure the staff is aware of any allergies in advance.

Also, the drink packs a powerful punch but it is healthy with all the citrus in the drink, right?

Blue Cheese Filet with garlic Boursin mash potato and red wine demi glaze served with a 2015 Emmolo Napa Valley Merlot. Be sure to notify your waiter/waitress your preference in temperature for the filet. I had forgotten to notify the staff of my preference, yet they know me so well. The filet is very moist, tender and expressed mineral flavors; the mineral flavors make each of the filet unique to one another and enhanced by the blue cheese.

If you’re not a fan of red meat, how about a salmon? The salmon was cooked well, very moist and fresh. The Chef does not cringe at the thought of substitutions as he is here to accommodate to everyone’s nutritional needs.

The desserts include a Chocolate Mousse and a Romeo & Juliet pastry served with lion’s Pride Famous whiskey based Red Sangria and Passion Fruit Pureed Champagne respectively. The Romeo & Juliet is a guava and cheese pastry that is a warm hug to your tastebuds. Both desserts were great, but the chocolate mousse was my favorite. Who doesn’t love chocolate? Feel free to hand me your portion if you don’t love chocolate as much as I do.

If this post hasn’t persuaded you to visit, maybe knowing that their Happy Hour runs to 8pm will convince you to stop in. For more information, please visit Lion’s Pride.

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