Thursday, November 30, 2023
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New French and Korean Artisan Bakery – Bread & Co – now open in Winter Park

Bread & Co, a new French and Korean Artisan Bakery is now open in Winter Park, right off of Fairbanks Ave and US 17-92 in the former location (briefly) of Wonton Kitchen. The name is rather generic, but what lays inside is anything but.

Inside, there’s a modern cafe set up with the smell of sweet pastries, baguettes, and breads filling the air. But there’s some Asian influences as well to the traditional French pastries – here you’ll find breads a little lighter, fluffier, and slightly less sweet as well as flavors such as green tea, red bean, yuzu cream, and condensed milk.

As they are in soft opening mode (kind of like beta testing mode), you can find curious neighbors enter the shop, happy and delighted smiles on their faces as they see the beautiful cakes and buns to be found inside. In a corner, a group of young Korean women chatter about their day over coffee and pastries.

Looking around you can see some traditional French pastries such as croissants but also Asian favorites such as red-bean filled mochi rice cakes and Korean influenced French pastries like the soboro-ppang and “hot dog” buns.

Soboro Bun

Soboro-ppang is a sweet bun with a streusel-like upper crust popular in Korea. The bun is made of flour, sugar, eggs, and dough and baked with a crisp, bumpy surface on top. It is very similar to the Cantonese “pineapple” bun or Japanese melonpan. Inside it is a slightly sweet and delicious custard filling. Definitely recommended.

Another favorite was the condensed milk bread loaf, lightly sweet and airy – just a perfect sweet bread.

Definitely worth a visit for the gorgeous spectacle alone – and I dare you to not buy something to gorge upon when you make your visit here.

More details to come…

Bread & Co Artisan Bakery
1230 W Fairbanks Ave
Winter Park, Florida
soft opening hours are Monday-Sunday 9:00am-9:00pm! ?

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