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Interview with Chef Bruno Fonseca – The Foreigner – A Culinary Experience

The Foreigner – A Culinary Experience – by Chef Bruno Fonseca provides its guests a 5 course omakase/menu confiance style dinner, with an opportunity to live the inner workings of an active kitchen. Chef Fonseca previously operated the 5 Gastronomy food truck in the beginning of the gourmet food truck days here in Orlando as well as Millenia 106 and has also taught at Le Cordon Bleu Orlando.

The Foreigner experience currently takes place every Saturday at The Heavy (1152 Harmon Ave, Winter Park, FL 32789).

Chef Bruno Fonseca, who is of Brazilian descent, tells us more about the Foreigner Experience.

“The Heavy is an amazing space, loaded with character. We sit 10 -12 ppl at their flower bar, and cook and execute the entire dinner right in front of the guests, with a menu that changes entirely weekly.”

“The “human factor” of a few strangers breaking bread together is pretty incredible. Often times guests exchange numbers at the end of their meals, and also guests that made friends that night with others come back and become regulars. Dinner tickets are typically put on sale at the end of a month for the entire following month. We are now doing 5 courses with an optional wine pairing.”

“The inspiration to do this is to offer a better product to the public on a multi course format, and tell the story of a foreigner’s perspective on food, let it be the food that I grew up eating in my house (multicultural house-Brazilian food, Portuguese, Italian etc…), the food that I encountered when I moved to the US, and the food that I grew up cooking in the different kitchens here in the US. It is not fusion as different dinners have an underlying theme…we have had honey, citrus, “Americana” to name a few….”

The Logo
People often ask me” why the Octopus on the logo”? The octopus has an underlying theme of mystery thru centuries, as it also has a theme of braving the unknown, which is what I try to do, feed the people foods that may be familiar and somehow entirely different, but for a reason. In other words we aren’t doing this on a dare to be different, but we are trying to expand horizons, and show the guests different foods, its pairings and most of all delicious dinners that are intimate, different and delicious.

Tickets for all events are sold at


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