Thursday, June 13, 2024
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Vietnamese 3D Jelly Flower Cakes at Paris Banh Mi Bakery in Orlando’s Mills 50 District

Paris Banh Mi in Orlando’s Mills 50 District is a French-Vietnamese bakery probably most known for their Vietnamese banh mi sandwiches. I love the patechoux pork patty meat pies they have near the checkout counter, too.

But on a recent visit, I came across their new gorgeous 3D jelly flower cake selection ($7) of which I immediately had to try.

Similar to a rain drop cake, these flower jelly cakes are shaped like a translucent dome with a flower encased within the gelatinous bubble.

To start, they use agar-agar gelatin (derived from seaweed) to produce the jelly-like consistency, and the flowers are created from a mixture of coconut cream and milk. The dish, originally from Japan, is called thach rau cau in Vietnamese. The flavors are light and come with a base jello layer that ranges from mocha to chocolate.


Check them out at –

Paris Banh Mi

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