Sunday, May 19, 2024
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Now Open – Light on the Sugar Bakery #2 – Winter Park

Light On The Sugar is a family owned bakery and coffee shop founded by Yixi Qui and his wife Wen Qui known for their gourmet coffee, tea and pastries with an Asian twist.

Under the mentorship of Jimmy and Johnny Tung, Light On The Sugar founders, Yixi Qiu and Wen Pan, recently opened their second location at 501 Orlando Avenue in Winter Park at Lee Road.

This comes just a few short months following the opening of Light on the Sugar’s sister concept, Sugardough Bakehouse, which opened in Audubon Park in August of 2021 to a line of eager customers.

The new address is 501 Orlando Avenue in Winter Park, Fl next to Bento and Blaze Pizza at the corner of Lee Road and US 17/92.

Everything is baked in house daily creating French goods with Asian inspired flavors such as Matcha, Ube, Taro, Black Sesame and many more. The menu rotates weekly because they are always coming up with new ideas, so follow them on instagram to stay updated with their new flavors.

Light on the Sugar Bakery #1 –  4270 Aloma Ave, Winter Park, FL
NEW* Light on the Sugar Bakery #2 501 Orlando Ave, Winter Park, FL

Inside Look at the New Light on the Sugar #2

The Heart Cream Puff is back just in time for Valentine’s Day – a chocolate heart cream puff filled with chocolate cream is now available for a limited time at both locations.

Purple everything – have you heard of ube? Ube halaya or halayang ube is a Philippine dessert made from boiled and mashed purple yam. Some of the purple pastries and drinks at Light on the Sugar include:

  • Ube Cheesecake Crepe Cake
  • Ube cheesecake
  • Ube Cheesecake Cream Puff
  • Ube Panna Cotta
  • Taro Latte

Black Sesame Raspberry Tart
– Housemade black sesame seed praline almond cream
– Raspberry Compote
– Mini choux
– Whipped black sesame cream
– Fresh raspberry cream

Black Sesame Cream puff!
– Housemade black sesame praline blend with whipped pastry cream and topped off black sesame seed candy piece.

Lunar New Year Set – this sale is over but check it out anyway!

The year of the Tiger! ? ROAR?This year, there were 6 different types of handmade macarons with a surprise RED ENVELOPE! Each set came with one surprise special offer, grand prize winner can win up to a $100 LOTS gift card!

Lunar New Year Macaron Set $29.99
– ?Tiger: Passionfruit
– ?Orange: Chocolate orange
– ?Lucky Bag: Nutella strawberry
– ??Mahjong: Matcha Oreo
– ? Tiger Paw: Black sesame
– ?Ingots: Lychee

Why is it light on the sugar? It’s based off of the Eastern Asian and French culture where desserts are sweet, but usually with less sugar content than desserts from the West. They have larger percentage of natural fruit ingredients, and can be served not only after meals and with tea, but also during meals as essential part of Chinese Ying and Yang tradition of eating “balanced” meals.

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