Monday, April 22, 2024
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Dharma Southern Chick’n Opens at Cheney Collective

Have you heard of Dharma Southern Chick’n? They recently moved to their new digs from Market On South alongside Valhalla Bakery to the new Cheney Collective right by Baldwin Park.

Dharma serves up some of the best sammies in town, and they are all 100% Plant Based!

Their new Georgia Peach Sloppy Joe, filled to the brim with saucy BBQ “beeph” tips is my absolute favorite right now!

They also recently locked down their secret “Nashville” hawt blend that’s available on chicken, curly fries, pickles, anything you want!

To celebrate their recent move, we are teaming up with Dharma Southern Chick’n for an IG Giveaway promotion – read on!

Must Try’s at Dharma Southern Chick’n include:

Georgia Peach Sloppy Joe

Nashville Hawt

Carolina BBQ Pulled Jackfruit

 Phish Filet


 Kidz Nugz drizzled with Honee

 Buffalokra Fried Okra

 Mac N Cheese

 Cheesy Hommies

Crispy Brussels

They also have gluten free buns for those looking for gluten free options.

We spoke with Shaun Noonan from Dharma recently about their upcoming plans at Dharma.

Tasty Chomps Interview with Dharma’s Shaun Noonan

Tasty Chomps: Where does the name “Dharma Southern Chick’n” come from? How does Dharma influence your food philosophy? (Dharma means “truth” or the eternal and inherent nature of reality)

Shaun: Dharma is a concept I’ve been blessed to exposed to early in my twenties and it really changed my life , we wanted to showcase it in our brand so that others can learn and hopefully make a small change for the better in our customers lives and in our world as a whole

My dharma is a unique one and it’s always evolving, when we set out to bring plant based comfort food to central Florida in 2013 we thought we had an arduous road in front of us but turns out , great food is great food and we were blessed with our communities response

What are some new dishes/things people can expect at the new location?
We’ve locked down our secret Nashville blend! It’s the most popular thing on the menu and we will add it to anything you want! Nashville chickn’ , Nashville curly fries, Nashville nugz we even have a Nashville pickle on a stick!

What are some of your upcoming plans for Dharma and co?

Our plans are to focus on quality. Not only the quality of our food but also our quality of life. It’s time we threw away those old standards of hospitality where the layout confuses the guest, the guest relays confusion and anger to the staff, the staff become emotional punching bags. We’re throwing all of that away. We’ve created an easy laid back environment for both guest and staff and it’s really working out great! So come hungry and come relaxed.

Top 3 sellers right now?

Nashville Chick’n Sandwich, Classic Chick’N Sandwich, Mac and cheese

Dharma Southern Chick’n
5565 Old Cheney Hwy
Orlando, FL 32807
(407) 743-6098

Free Mac and Cheese promotion – all you have to do is show up at Dharma and show them you follow and tagged them on Instagram in the post below and you get FREE MAC And Cheese with purchase ! Everyone who shows up with this will get free mac and cheese with purchase!!!

Promo runs NOW till Friday 9/29/23 at 12pm.


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