Monday, March 4, 2024
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Flushing NYC

Grimaldi’s – Queens

Beneath a bridge in Queens in a mall plaza sits Grimaldi's pizza, home of one of the more delectable pizzas in New York. Famed...

Lamb kebobs in Flushing, NY

I love street meat.It was a blistery night in January. The wind howled, testing our Florida skin against the New York icy cold winter....

White Bear Dumplings – Flushing Queens NYC

White Bear Dumplings - Flushing Queens NYCOn a recent trip to New York, I dropped by this small hole in the wall (New Yorkers...

Flushing Mall – Flushing Adventure part III

The Flushing Mall is a two story indoor "mall", which sadly to say is going the way most underperforming malls in America are: down...

Flushing Adventure – New York City – Part II

Eric and I walk another block on our journey through Flushing, Queens. I've been here before, year after year, but never knowing what places...

Flushing Adventure – New York City – Part I

Flushing Adventure - New York CityThe conference began early Saturday morning in Flushing, Queens borough of New York City. Since I am an alumni...

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