Friday, June 14, 2024
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Lamb kebobs in Flushing, NY

I love street meat.

It was a blistery night in January. The wind howled, testing our Florida skin against the New York icy cold winter. A few of my brothers and I were out and about in the city this evening, and were headed back to the Flushing Sheraton for some much needed rest. Outside on the corner, protected from the winter wind by blue tarps on all sides, stood a stall of street meats perfuming the air with its freshly grilled lamb, chicken, and beef kebabs over coal.

Inside the cart, a elderly couple worked the place: the husband at the grill, twirling the meats by their bamboo sticks, and the wife at the front end collecting the orders and cash.


Overall, it was a pretty good deal. About a dollar for a stick of meat, fatty and juicy, freshly cooked and spiced with cumin. A lovely way to warm our tummies after a long cold night.




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