Saturday, April 13, 2024
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Keller’s BBQ – Winter Park

Keller’s Real Smoked BBQ in Winter Park Florida



Ah, the great American past time of slowly roasting and smoking meat over a pit, the bittersweet aroma of charred barbecue meats. From Texas to Tennessee, the south is known for its delicious styles of “que”. Although Florida does not rank high among the greats of BBQ renown, here in Central Florida we are lucky to have a few places that have been stepping up to the plate and bring us some enjoyable delicious barbeque.


Located on the corner of Goldenrod and University Boulevard, Keller’s Real Smoked BBQ sits tucked in the back of a mini shopping plaza. Keller’s is a popular spot for locals (special shout out to Mike B over at the Reign streetwear store nearby for the tip!) to go for lunch as their lunch specials provide superb bbq.
On this afternoon, I met up with my brother Chris, for some afternoon delights. He orders the barbeque pork ribs with fries and I order the sloppy pork sandwich with a side of green beans.

The Sloppy Pork Sandwich (Keller’s rendition of the Sloppy Joe only so much more delicious than your school cafeteria’s sloppys) is a creation of pure porkly pleasures. Its made of slowly smoked, savory and tender barbecue pulled pork in a sweet and tangy sauce all inside of a sesame seed bun. Not only is it absolutely tasty but its also quite a large and filling sandwich, scoring high on the value and happy charts. The sloppy pork sandwich is something I will definitely come back for again!!

Chris got the ribs and fries!
The Sloppy Pork Sandwich

its huge

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