Orlando Food Blog 003: Vietnamese Banh Mi Sub Sandwiches!

Orlando Food Blog 003: Vietnamese Banh Mi Sub Sandwiches!

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One of my favorite Vietnamese food dishes include the Vietnamese Banh Mi (misspelled bahn mi) sub sandwich, which is known for its fusian of French culture using the french baguette bread and assorted deli meat slices all for less than $3.00 each! The New York Times recently did an article on this dish with a American twist after it made its migration to the States.
“Building Layers of Tradition” NY TIMES

A List of Places with
Vietnamese Banh Mi (bahn mi is misspelling) in Orlando:

  • Pho 88
  • 730 N Mills Ave, Orlando, FL 32803 – (407) 897-3488
  • Phuoc Loc Tho Grocery Store
  • 2100 E Colonial Dr Orlando FL 32803, 407-898-6858
  • Tien Hung Grocery Store
  • 1112 E Colonial Dr, Orlando – (407) 422-0067
  • Saigon Subs
  • 1242 E Colonial Dr, Orlando, FL 32803-(407) 897-1278
  • Lollicup Boba Tea
  • 1212 E. Colonial Dr. Orlando, FL – 407-897-1377

These banh mi (not bahn mi) shops are all located within the Mills-50 District of Orlando!!!
Check out their website at
http://www.mills50.org/ and shout out to KRISTINE!

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  1. What do you think of Saigon Subs? I'm going to lunch with a friend in a few days, and she's never had a Vietnamese banh mi but is interested in trying one after watching Nom Nom on the Great Food Truck Race. We plan to go to a Viet grocery store after lunch, and Saigon Subs is near Saigon Market, which is very convenient. I've never eaten there and would appreciate your thoughts. Thanks!!

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