Tenders – UCF Area

Tenders – UCF Area

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With a simple name like Tenders, you can expect what’s about to come. CHICKEN TENDERS. Big, chunky, fried (or grilled) chicken tenders, slightly spiced and ready to eat.

Located right across the street from UCF on Alafaya Trail behind the BP gas station, Tenders is a small, sparsely decorated joint where the chicken is where its at.

For around $5.00, my friend and I shared a 5 piece chicken tender meal which came with a choice of two sides. We chose the hush puppies and to balance it out on the healthy side: some cole slaw.

All in all the chicken tenders were decent, and actually better than your average chicken tenders so I appreciate that. I would definitely come back to try some more, especially if I am in the mood for some chicken tenders 😀

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