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Orlando Food Blog 009: Durian Durian – Thai food in the Lake Nona Area

Orlando Food Blog 009

As a long time resident of Orlando, you’ll find that its often rare to see any good Asian culinary choices outside of the Colonial/Downtown area. A new found place in the developing Lake Nona area where the upcoming UCF medical school and Nemours hospital/medical city are sprouting up, defies this conventional wisdom. That place is Durian Durian, a Thai restaurant near Moss Park road and Narcoossee road.

Durian Durian is staffed and managed by a very amiable and particular to detail young woman from Thailand. The owner remembers us each time and asks about our family and things going. What a unique and personal touch it felt.

Upon entering the restaurant, the elegant and simple Thai influenced decor brings about a warm feeling for the place. We are here for lunch where the prices are more than affordable.

My partner orders the Thai tea ($2.75), a delicious and refreshingly sweet beginning to the lunch.

There are a few specials today which include the samosa flat bread ($3.95) served as a appetizer. The bread is crispy and flaky similar to a fresh baked pastry and stuffed with peas, carrots, potatoes and sweet potatoes with a rich, sweet curry flavor sauce on the side for dipping. The samosa flat bread met and exceeded our expectations and we hope that they will make this a permanent item in the future.

My partner orders the beef panang curry ($6.95). The beef is tender and the curry has a tasty texture to it, although it was a bit too strong on the lemongrass side. Lemongrass is a common ingredient in southeast asia as a healthy and spicy ingredient with a decidedly sour aftertaste.

I order the spicy drunken noodle with beef ($6.95). The waiter asks if I would like the Thai Hot style and I reply after some consideration that yes I would love it. Too many times have I had thai food a bit too bland and always wondered why. When he mentioned Thai hot i remembered that Thai food is actually supposed to be spiced up with chili peppers traditionally and is eaten that way normally within the Thai culture. I like to make myself culturally aware and eat the way things are supposed to be eaten. The Thai hot proved to be a worthy adversary but complemented the noodles and the beef very well. The beef was very tender and succulent. Overall this was one of the best spicy drunken noodle dishes I have ever had.

Durian Durian is a fine restaurant with fine dining choices in Thai cuisine. Check it out today!
Durian Durian Asian Thai Cuisine.
10743 Narcoossee Rd
Orlando, FL 32832
(407) 282-2992

Durian Durian Thai on Urbanspoon

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  1. Ivy, the owner, is actually from Singapore. That is why you see some Malaysian dishes on the menu, but the chef, Jay, is definitely one of the best Thai cooks around. Thanks for putting our local haunt out there for all to see.