Monday, April 22, 2024
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Bento Cafe! part two

I have reviewed Bento’s before here, but I visited Bento’s again recently for a going away dinner for an old friend who will be moving to New York soon.

It’s funny how many significant moments we share through life around the dinner table.

This time, I ordered a bento box with chicken teriyaki ($7.75). I enjoyed the dish quite well as I could taste the flavor from the grilling and the sweet marinade that the succulent chicken teriyaki was made from. The bento box came with a small salad, rice, noodles and even a small cake. It was a great meal for a great value, reminding me of home-cooked chicken dishes that my grandma once made in my childhood.

My friends and family ordered various other sushi rolls and bento boxes as can be seen below.

Cupid Roll ($10.95) – smoked salmon, crab, red snapper, asparagus, tempura fried and topped with eel sauce and red tobiko

Chicken Curry Katsu Bento Box ($7.75)- the orange colored curry sauce was spicy yet creamy and delicious at the same time

chirashi bowl!! a sushi bowl classic ($9.50)

Bento Cafe
151 S. Orange Ave
Orlando, FL 32801
(407) 999-8989

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