Monday, April 22, 2024
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Sweet Tomatoes – International Drive


I always thought Sweet Tomatoes was a buffet for wussies because who goes to a all you can eat place to eat healthy and to eat greens, and do they only sell tomatoes? My perception changed however after my first experience at the salad buffet restaurant on the NE corner of International Drive and Kirkman Road.


When you first enter Sweet Tomatoes, you will notice the long salad bar in front of you with a sign above showing you the pricing. For $8.19 the price is pretty good for all you can eat for an adult and even cheaper for children, making it an ideal healthy family friendly place to go. After you go through the line picking up your items, you pay at the register at the end.


The Salad Bar


I put a lot of pasta in my salad.

The salad bar itself has a mind boggling variety of assorted salad toppings and greens and it was kept pretty fresh that day because of the crowd of people there (I assume they were tourists visiting Orlando).


Meatball soup

In addition to salads, Sweet Tomatoes also has soups and a bakery filled with baked goodies. I particularly enjoyed their meatball soup, a rich savory soup with rice, veggies, and small succulent balls of meat that just burst with tender goodness. They also have vegan soups for the vegetarians out there.

Fettucini pasta and tomato based pasta


I tried the chicken soup and it was kind of bland, a little too watery and the chicken was a little too tasteless.

Cornbread was fresh out of the oven!


Dessert at Sweet Tomatoes was also delicious, they had chocolate brownies and a unique tasty muffin top, complete with self serve soft serve ice cream.

The service was good as well and the elderly man who took care of us was kind. He asked us if we wanted to get discounts next time and free food by signing up for their email program too.

Overall I was satisfied with my experience with Sweet Tomatoes and I know where to go if I am in a salad mood, but also for a place with endless soups, pastas, and desserts for cheap!

Tasty Chomps rating!!!!
4 out of 5 TASTY CHOMPS!!!!

Sweet Tomatoes
(407) 363-1690
6877 S Kirkman Rd
Orlando, FL 32819

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  1. By the time most people get done with their meal at Sweet Tomatos, I bet it is no longer healthy with all of the cheese and creamy dressings, soups, and pastas that everyone eats!

    I refuse to go to this location. It's always too crowded with too many tourists and little kids sticking their hands into the buffet…