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Oviedo Townhouse – Breakfast/Lunch – Oviedo

Oviedo Townhouse – Breakfast/Lunch – Oviedo

“Have a seat anywhere you’d like, hun” the waitress told me as I entered. She was a smiling, motherly figure full of that good old southern hospitality and small town charm.

The Oviedo Townhouse restaurant sits on the corner of SR 434 and SR 426 in the heart of Oviedo’s historic “downtown”. In a recent article by CNN Money, the small town of Oviedo ranks up as one of the top 100 places to live in America for 2009. The Townhouse may be the reason why.

Outside, the Townhouse is a bright yellow building with accents of blue and large windows painted with specials and notices. Cars constantly roll by at this busy intersection, and nearby you could hear the faint clucking of the infamous Oviedo chicken.

Taking a step into the Oviedo Townhouse feels like taking a step into an electic auntie’s living room. Various memorabilia throughout the decades decorate the walls, from old childrens’ drawings to chicken figurines and other assorted macabre, it is a bit of a comical sight to see. All of this may appear a bit sketch at first…

But the food here at the Oviedo Townhouse is what solidifies its reputation as a Oviedo establishment. Having won numerous awards for its breakfast, I decided to try to go that route during my lunch break (they serve breakfast all day). Thankfully, most all of their items are priced quite reasonably.

I order the Steak and Eggs ($9.79), a juicy perfectly cooked and seasoned medium rare 6 oz sirloin steak with sunny side up eggs, a side of scrumptious buttered toast, and a serving of their delicious Homefries. Homefries are like breakfast potatoes cooked and grilled and spiced up, delicious. I also order a side of corned beef hash, a salty, tasty treat for my tastebuds.

In a time where greasy chains abound from Denny’s to IHOP’s that serve the same mediocre and barely-edible-unless-you’re-really-wasted “breakfast” food, the 48 year old Oviedo Townhouse is a breath of fresh air, doing breakfast well, tried and true, as if you were eating at home. Though it may not be the best ever, it comes pretty close.

They also serve lunch, dinner, and Greek food here at the Townhouse.

I would recommend you to try the Oviedo Townhouse soon before its too late – the Florida Department of Transportation will be demolishing the area to make way for additional widening of the clogged up intersection in the near future.

Tasty Chomps Rating!!!!
4.5 out of 5 Tasty Chomps!!!!

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The Townhouse Restaurant of Oviedo Inc.
9 E. Broadway Oviedo, FL 32765
(407) 365-5151

Oviedo Townhouse from the outside

A view from within the Oviedo Townhouse

Looking out the window at the Oviedo Townhouse

Steak and Eggs with Homefries, delicious

Delicious Sirloin Steak, seasoned and juicy

Buttered to perfection Toast

Over easy eggs, just how I like em

Homefries are the way to go

Corned beef hash, salty and tasty


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