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Paris Bistro – Winter Park

I discovered the existence of the quaint and thoroughly delicious Paris Bistro first from, where Scott Joseph reported that the French restaurant has a 3 course lunch meal for $10.95 in Winter Park along Aloma Avenue. It was also noted that the Paris Bistro will soon be moving to the Park Avenue district in Winter Park and so I thought I would seize the opportunity and visit it one time before it closed its doors for its move.

The Paris Bistro has since closed since this review, as of the end of September, and will reopen later this week (scroll down below for new address).

The Paris Bistro sat on the corner of an unassuming strip mall along Aloma Ave near the intersection of Goldenrod. If you blink, you might have missed it. I’m pretty sure I did the past few times driving by. The Paris Bistro is small inside, perhaps even cramped, and this may be the reason for their decision to move to a possibly larger venue down the street. The decor is humble with maroon tablecloths, charming booths, and elegant table settings, overall having a very intimate feeling like a small French cafe in Paris. The waiter who attends to our table this afternoon is attentive and caring genuinely about our visit.

Our drink straws had a decorative curl to them, a nice touch

On this afternoon, I am joined by a few friends to savor in the tastes of Paris Bistro. We begin by ordering a round of Escargots de Bourgogne (not on the 3 course lunch menu). The escargot is served in a special plate with each of the snails removed from their shells and cooked in a garlic, butter sauce and herbs. The escargot were quite delicious, soft and plump, resembling most like the texture and taste of a crustacean.

Escargots in their dish

Escargot on the fork ready to be consumed

chomp chomp on the escargot

For my order, I have le coq au vin, chicken leg pieces cooked in a wine. It actually had a lot of similarities in flavors with the beef bourguignon that I made a few weeks ago. Rich and tender, the chicken has a deep taste from the hours spent baking. The potato gratin side was also quite tasty and crisp from the oven.

Le Coq Au Vin with potato gratin side

Le Coq Au Vin – tender, and rich chicken cooked in wine

My companions also enjoyed the crepe du jour as well as the Paris Bistro burger, made with ground sirloin, lettuce, tomato, dijon mustard, brie and topped with a gratuituously delightful egg, and also a special salmon burger. Scrumptious.

Mr Paris Bistro Burger topped with an Egg

Salmon burger

For dessert, I ordered the profiterolles (Home-made Cream Puff With Vanilla Ice Cream and Chocolate Sauce), sweet and soft, tender on my tongue.


The restaurant will open this week at its new location according to the Orlando Sentinel . The restaurant will open at 216 Park Ave. in the former Ann Taylor space.

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  1. The escargots look delicious. They remind us of our first and favorite taste of escargots in Chicago, at a Cuban restaurant of all places! We enjoyed Le Coq Au Vin restaurant and it would be nice to check out an "everyday" French restaurant.