Sunday, June 23, 2024
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So Kong Dong – Korean – Atlanta Georgia

So Kong Dong – Korean – Atlanta Georgia

A dark, cold night in a dark, cold strip mall plaza. The sound of moving cars on Buford highway rumbled behind us as we took another step closer to So Kong Dong, out of the cold and into the warm embrace of spicy tofu stew and motherly Korean waitresses.

Stepping inside, the decor is like a comfy old house you may see in Korean dramas. Comfy homey feel for comfy homey food. We sit and are immediately greeted by a older Korean lady with a constant smile. They are really nice here and attentive to our water glasses and everything else.

To our delight, we notice there are special combo value meals that combine 1) type of tofu stew with 2) kalbi, the delicious bbq short ribs of korea. I order the seafood and beef stew as well as a pancake while my partner orders the kimchi tofu stew. The kalbi that came on a plate with the stew was one of the most deliciously flavored kalbi I have ever had and the stew was warm and hearty. A perfect dinner to warm up the cold night.

A look inside So Kong Dong – Atlanta, Ga

banchan or assorted dishes

So Kong Dong’s delicious short ribs aka kalbi

buckwheat noodles myun yummy

Seafood pancake

the seafood and beef tofu stew! at So Kong Dong

bon apetit!

So Kong Dong on Urbanspoon

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