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Cafe 101 – Taiwanese – Atlanta

Cafe 101 Atlanta

A rainy, cold morning in Atlanta. Pulling out of the slicked streets and pulling into the parking lot, the giant hexagonal shaped building of Cafe 101 loomed over us. One strange looking building. But my friends Vince and Lisa say that the food here is pretty authentic Taiwanese style so I decided it’d be worth a visit.

The inside of Cafe 101 was not as horrid as its exterior. Walls covered with posters, new table sets and decor, all gave the feeling of a traditional yet modern Chinese setting.

A Look inside Cafe 101

We began with a complementary hot and sour soup and some pickled cucumbers, and although I am not usually a fan of hot and sour soup, this one tasted a bit more balanced than the standard too sour variety found in NY Style Chinese restaurants.

Hot and Sour Soup

Our first order arrived: the spicy Szechuan style beef noodle soup. It was a steaming bowl of noodle deliciousness, filled with a wonderful broth, small chunks of beef, spices, and collard greens.

Beefy Szcheuan noodle soup

I also ordered their “basil chicken” or in chinese “sam ding gai” (three cups chicken). My partner thought that the basil was a bit strong but I thought it was just the right mix of sauces and herbs. The chicken was tender and arrived in a clay pot. Delicious.

“Basil Chicken” or Sam ding gai

The last order was my least favorite, not to say it was bad or anything, but the “House special Tofu” was just a dish with very large rectangular chunks of tofu in a soy based sauce, nothing to write home about.

Tofu House Special

Overall the experience was pretty good and I would definitely want to come back to try some of the other dishes with my friends Vince and Lisa.

Overall Tasty Chomps Rating!!!
4 out of 5 Tasty Chomps!!!!

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