Sunday, June 23, 2024
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Yum Yum Cupcake Truck in Orlando, FL


It was late Saturday afternoon downtown and the Pillowlando, the International Pillow Fight Day festivities organized by my friend Brian Feldman, just ended. In the midst of the rubble at the Dr Phillips art center on Orange Avenue stood a bright yellow and silver polished truck. It was the Yum Yum Cupcake Truck!

Founded by local couple Joey (UCF alumni and the head of the marketing, business side) and Alex (the baker man), this new bakery on wheels is sure to delight the sweet tooth in us all. Refurbished from a 1973 Chevy stepvan (a old state prison truck in its past life), it now is the mobile home to hundreds of cupcakes, running on sweetness fuel.


Joey and Alex have lived in San Francisco and Philadelphia where the food truck scene is already thriving. It only seemed natural to start one here on their own, something where they can put their passion into. With the help of the City of Orlando, they had their paperwork and licenses done in no time (compared to some of the lengthier processes in other cities) and were ready to roam the city beautiful, particular Audobon Park Farmer Market, Sanford Farmer Market, and this coming Wednesday at the Food Truck Pod event at Firestone on Orange Ave in downtown Orlando at 6pm!

On this day, they were just about to head out when I had the good fortune to catch their ear on twitter, and so they stayed just a little longer for me and my partner to arrive on the scene to pick up some fresh cupcakes: red velvet and chocolate ($2.50 each).
The chocolate cupcake was moist and sweet, soft and tasty, definitely a favorite. The red velvet cupcake though less moist was still a great piece of cupcake, probably giving other establishments in the area a call to pause and take heed of these young men and their beautiful Yum Yum truck.

This week they unveiled their newest flavor: peanut butter cupcakes (the winning flavor of the month in a vote off against carrot cake).

Follow them on twitter at and on facebook at

Can’t wait to open!


The Red Velvet Cupcake and the Chocolate cupcake from Yum Yum cupcake truck!

TIP: check them out on to find out where they are at the moment
…and then go to them and get some yum yum cup cakes!

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