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Niffty Fiffty’s Diner – Food Truck


Niffty Fiffty’s Diner is one of the new food trucks in town that focuses on nostalgic, home made cooking. I recently had a chance to visit them at the Crealde School of Art in Winter Park for a community fundraiser.


They cure and smoke their own bacon, and also brine their corned beef, and pastrami in house, an impressive feat for any dining establishment these days. They also smoke their own marinated chicken breasts, BBQ pulled pork, BBQ pulled chicken, beef jerky, and beef brisket.


The menu ranges from burgers and sandwiches to their very scrumptious, meticulously handmade desserts like cookies, brownies, and cheesecakes. The powdered milk yeast buns that they use for their burger buns are even made in house from scratch. You may remember the strawberry souffled cheesecake that was available elsewhere before can now be found here at Nffty Fiffty’s Diner, and is indeed still a great treat.

The signature sandwich is Kick’in it Pittsburgh, with crispy potato fries and apple cider vinegar cole slaw on the sandwich. I had the opportunity to try one of the Pittsburghs and must say it’s now one of my favorite sandwiches in Orlando, the rich pastrami going well together with the sweet and sour apple cider vinegar cole slaw…all together very refreshing.



Kick’in It Pittsburgh Sandwich – Your choice of our own house-made corned beef, pastrami, or chopped steak, topped with cheese, crispy fried potatoes, oil & apple cider vinegar cole slaw, and vine-ripe tomatoes on thick hand sliced Italian bread $8.00


Niffty Fiffty’s delicious Pumpkin Cheesecake with a Spekulatius Cookie Crumb crust, topped with a Chantilly Cream made with Chinese Five Spice and Dark Rum – based on Marcel Desaulniers Dark Chocolate & Pumpkin Cheesecake from the 1992 James Beard Best Dessert Book Winning Death By Chocolate. Marcel now operates Mad About Chocolate in Williamsburg, VA.




You can find Niffty Fiffty’s Diner on Thursday, January 10th from 5 MM to 9PM at the Edgewood Farmers Market (at City Hall in Edgewood). They are also open from 10AM to 2PM every Friday at Food Truck Fridays at the RDV Sportsplex in Maitland. Check their facebook at for up to date news on locations.

You can preview their menu (subject to change), below:




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