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Khong River House – Miami Beach, FL – Northern Thai / Southeast Asian

The inspiration for Miami Beach’s Khong River House (a part of the acclaimed 50 Eggs Restaurant Group) comes from the rural villages and city markets of Thailand. The restaurant is named after the Me Kong River that flows through South East Asia.

I recently visited the happening spot with my family on a recent trip to Lincoln Road mall and found my way to this beautiful gem.

Many of the flavors tasted quite authentic, homey, but maybe a little too homey as the dishes could have used a little bit of complexity in flavor profile to bring it up a notch.

 photo File0152_zps1f0fa6ea.jpg

Korat Beef Jerky with yellow sticky rice with spicy fish sauce dipping sauce – one of the favorites of the evening, the beef was deliciously marinated and dried and went well with the yellow rice and fish sauce.

 photo File0160_zpsb0387717.jpg

Northern Style Pad Thai – pretty standard, but tasty, pad thai – though I wish it had some more meat or something to give a contrasting flavor and texture to the noodles.

 photo File0158_zps8d32b639.jpg

Crab fried rice with chili and garlic – very good fried rice, though the crab was a bit too subtle

 photo File0162_zps300fc705.jpg

Vietnamese-style crispy prawns. sauteed with fresh thai chili, garlic, shallots, spring onion and spiced. – these shrimp were a bit stale rather than crispy but the flavor was good. Just wished it was more fresh

 photo File0168_zps16069232.jpg

Burmese egg noodles – this dish was way too salty

 photo File0167_zps7114e2d9.jpg

Slow-cooked whole pork leg. traditional northern hill tribe-style whole pork leg braised in a blend of 16 spices and oyster sauce served with spicy chili vinegar and fresh steamed buns – This was a huge piece of pork leg, the flavor was very reminiscent of Vietnamese thit kho, the stewed beef with hard boiled egg, that we make at home all the time haha…

 photo File0164_zps44a0c4f7.jpg

 photo File0156_zpse3a47f78.jpg

All-natural rotisserie chicken, marinated for two days in coconut milk and stuffed with lemongrass, turmeric, garlic and coriander seed. served with thai sticky, a spicy-sweet dipping sauce, and  papaya salad

Overall, a few hits and misses, but Khong River House is definitely worth a try in Miami Beach.


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