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Tu Casa – Dominican lechonera near Florida Mall

Lechoneras are a category of Latin American restaurants, primarily from Puerto Rico, Cuba, or the Dominican Republic, selling roasted pork along with rice and a variety of other homemade dishes.

It’s a lovely sight to see the dining cart and can be fun to pick up the different entrees and items that you want for the meal.

It’s also usually relatively cheap ranging from $4.99 to $6.99 for a hefty plate of yellow rice and beans (or pigeon peas) and a side of pernil – roasted pork shoulder with some nice pork skin cracklings.

Tu Casa, a hole-in-the-wall on South Orange Blossom Trail is one such Latin American restaurant, specializing in cuisine originating from the island nation of the Dominican Republic.

Other dishes available include Beef Stew, Baked Chicken, and Chicken Stew, but at Tu Casa there are a variety of different daily specials ranging from fried tilapia, cod fish, to lasagna.

I had the roast pork, which was excellent with the rice, but my dining partner, who had ordered the beef stew, found that dish to be a bit dry. Overall, a good value for a home-y meal.

“No hay nada mejor que comer en Tu Casa” – There is nothing like eating at home.

Tu Casa Latin Cuisine
Hours: Monday-Saturday – 7:30am-8pm
Phone: 407-856-3997

Tu Casa Domincan restaurant
Tu Casa Domincan restaurant
Line up at Tu Casa
Line up at Tu Casa
Sweet Plantains aka maduros
Sweet Plantains aka maduros

Roast Pork with rice platter

Rice plate with stewed beef
Rice plate with stewed beef


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