We were invited to attend the “No Resolutions” dinner tour at Plant Street Market to celebrate a new year of no diets, resolutions and deadlines.  We enjoyed a lovely sit down dinner hosted by Winter Garden Food Tours owners John & Jamie Baylor who brought out to us five collaborative comfort dishes from local restaurants in Winter Garden.  Bring on the calories!

Michael’s Ali & Sir Benjiis — chicken & donuts

MAC’d OUT & Burger Fi — chorizo mac ‘n cheese in an onion ring bowl

The Local Butcher — pork four ways sandwich with plantain chips

Little Piggy & Morthan Cheese — smothered brisket and potatoes

Delicious hot tea by Antiquitea in Plant Street Market to cleanse the palate!

David Ramirez — Nutella, graham cracker and marshmallow fluff topped with a decadent Nutella Macaron

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