Saturday, July 2, 2022
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Inside Look: Tiffin Lunch Specials at Mynt Fine Indian Cuisine in Winter Park

Every weekday around midday on the chaotic streets of India’s Mumbai, you can see hundreds of stainless steel tiered tiffin boxes or dhabbas packed with hot lunches piled high being transported to offices and workplaces around the city by delivery workers known as dabbawalas. These tiffin containers are usually stuffed with rice, soups, curries and other lunch items.

Here in Orlando, you have a chance to try this Indian lunch ritual right here in Winter Park’s Hannibal Square area at Mynt Fine Indian Cuisine.

Lunch is served with four layers of Tiffins, each coming out at its respective times. Think of it as having a light four course lunch, including samosa, dal – a lentil soup, rice with your entree, and finally a dessert of the day. The cost is typically around $10 depending on your entree, and it is well worth the price.

We recently hosted an Orlando Foodie Forum Friday lunch there – everything was quite fabulous.

Here’s a Look Inside the Tiffin Lunch Special at Mynt Fine Indian Cuisine in Winter Park

These are what the tiffins look like – stacked metal tins with each tin containing a different dish. The first one to come is…

The samosa –  little turnover pastries stuffed potatoes, veggies, and spices – it’s like the Indian version of the empanada! Here we have a mint and tamarind chutney sauce to accompany the dish.

Next up is the Dal – or Lentil soup – a superb and comforting soup.

Naan bread service also comes with lunch!

Aloo mutter – a vegetable curry dish

Lamb chops

Chicken korma – an almond based curry dish

This dish was like an Indian shrimp burrito.

For dessert – a cinnamon rice pudding dish known as kheer – kind of like horchata

Overall, very impressed by this unique lunch service at Mynt! Lunch is served weekdays from 11:30 am to 2:30 pm. On the weekends, they have a special brunch buffet service.

Mynt Fine Indian Cuisine
535 W New England Ave, Winter Park, FL 32789

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