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Inside Look: Chicken Fire Expands Their Menu

Since Chicken Fire started their pop ups a few months ago, they signed a temporary permanent location with A La Cart on Irvington Ave of Orlando, FL for 6 months starting Jan 1, 2020. So far, they have been bringing in more foot traffic for A La Cart, both old and new faces.

From the beginning, Kwame has been getting an A team crew ready to bring their A game every day to serve delicious Nashville hot chicken with a side of humble hospitality that will make you coming back for more.

Sure, his chicken is great and his creations have cohesively blended flavors that draws people in, but it is the personal touch they add that keeps me coming back for more.

For February, they will begin serving chicken sandwiches that will blow your mind. His sandwiches are made up of his delicious chicken, fire sauce, cole slaw, and pickles cuddled up between hot and toasted buns.

I recommend going a heat level higher and requesting extra honey for the chicken! The honey will add an additional sweetness, but the higher head level will prevent the spices from being overwhelmed by the sweet honey and cole slaw. Another recommendation I’d like to make is to eat the sandwich fast because the bottom bun will become a little soggy from all the delicious sauces and flavors.

For those who don’t fancy sandwiches, he is still serving up jumbo tenders from the original menu. With either the sandwiches or tenders alone, you can pick the heat level from the extensive heat list he provides – soulful (not spicy at all), meek, mild, medium, hot, hot X, hot X^2.

The soulful is actually great if you have children that want a kids meal at A La Cart. Chicken Fire has a kid box, which is a great for your kids to enjoy while you get a box for yourself and not have to worry about bringing outside food. Pictured is the hot box, which has two tenders. However, the kid box only has one in case you’re worried your kids won’t be able to eat two tenders.

On the other heat spectrum, you read it right! His secret menu actually includes levels hotter than their listed Hot as well as meek, which is soulful with a slight kick if you can’t handle the mild. Don’t worry, no one blames you because his chicken is definitely spicy! Unless you are Gary M.

Gary must be made of steel because he’ll eat the Hot X^2 socially for fun. Kwame leaks out that he’s possibly creating something hotter just to quench Gary’s heat thirst.

You’ll come with an empty stomach, but I can guarantee that you’ll leave with a full stomach, numb mouth and warm heart after meeting Kwame and enjoying his food. Don’t worry, there’s an ice cream truck there to help you calm the heat that numbs your mouth  and helps in calming the tornado happening in your stomach.

If you think that Chicken Fire has chicken included with every item order, you’re quite mistaken because they have a secret menu item that will still fulfill the guarantee. Hot Fries (photographed by: Isha Shah) are a must if you’re not in the mood for chicken or you’re a vegetarian, but still want to taste their flavors.

For more information, check out their Facebook and follow them on Instagram at @EatChickenFire …you might want to do both so you can find out where their next adventure leads them in 6 months! They could be coming to Oviedo’s future food hall.

Not to mention, you’ll want to follow him to see what and when he’ll have special limited edition items so you can taste it all!

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