Saturday, May 25, 2024
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Great Harvest Bread Company Feeds You & Our Community During Crisis

Brad and Rachel Cottle are a husband and wife team focused on finding healthy options to delicious foods. They only opened their location 4 months ago in the downtown Orlando area and they’re already supporting our Orlando community by donating loaves of bread to local food banks and coalitions. Right now, they’re donating a loaf for every 2 loaves you buy.

Great Harvest is a slice of their life that they wanted to share with the Orlando community they have grown to love. Great Harvest is a “freedom franchise.” It is locally owned and operated, with Brad milling the wheat and mixing the ingredients every morning to make fresh breads and goodies, but they also get the support of a like-minded community of other franchisees sharing ideas and recipes.

The bread they bake is fresh and they only use honey to sweeten their bread.

Not only do they have fresh bread for you, they also make dishes and desserts for you to enjoy on location or on the go (more so of the latter now because gathering is illegal at the moment). One of their popular sandwiches is their Breakfast Sandwich, which can be customized by your preference in meat, bread, cheese, etc. They’ll all have an egg in the middle, which is nicely sliced and displayed. It’s not only photogenic, but it’s also delicious with a blend of flavors.

Aside from bread and sandwiches, they also have items in the store to buy. This includes fresh and organic items like preservatives, peanut butter and honey.

There are seasonings for soups and other dishes you’d like to make at home.

Not to mention all the freshly in-house baked dog treats they sell and offer your 4 legged friends.

For more information, check out Great Harvest yourself. I know I’ll be back!

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