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Lollicup Boba Tea and Coffee Zone – Downtown – Mills 50 District

Lollicup Boba Tea and Coffee Zone – Downtown Orlando – Mills 50 District

is most known for their boba/bubble/tapioca pearl milk teas but at this location in the heart of the Mills 50 District, a little east of Mills Ave on Colonial Dr, there is another culinary offering that deserves note.

At their small corner stall, Lollicup in Viet town also serves Vietnamese banh mi or Viet sub sandwiches that are homemade and fresh, and quite delicious. Traditionally, Vietnamese banh mi are known to be “street food” or “fast food” because people would quite literally pick them off street vendors as they went on their way in Vietnam. Still today, people often pack banh mi up in bags of 5 or more (buy 5 get 1 free) and eat them on road trips.

Vietnamese Banh Mi Sandwich counter

Quan makes a Vietnamese banh mi sandwich

The banh mi at Lollicup is a pretty decent meal and cheap too, about 8 inches of french bread slathered with some special butter and pork liver pate, filled with homemade cha siu roast pork, cucumbers, cilantro, pickled daikon and carrots all for around $2.50. Pop it in the small toaster to get that slightly crackly toasted skin on the bread and we are set.

The Vietnamese Banh Mi with delicious meats

Way better than Subway any day.

Lollicup Coffee & Tea on Urbanspoon

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