Monday, July 15, 2024
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Winter Park Farmer’s Market – Winter Park Fl

Winter Park Farmer’s Market – Winter Park Fl

Winter Park Farmer’s Market

I have always loved Winter Park. The shape of its curvy roads, shaded by drooping tree branches. Its brick-paved streets of Park Avenue and its quaint shops and hidden courtyards that transport you to a small European town nestled in the Swiss Alps. Everything here is so utterly charming it just makes you want to go up to it and slap it around a bit just to make sure its real.

Park Avenue

Park Avenue in Winter Park Florida

So it shouldn’t have been a surprise to me when the Winter Park’s Farmers Market was voted as Best Farmer’s Market of Orlando in the Orlando Weekly. I had never been to their market before and so after several visits, I came to concur with the conclusions of the readers of the Orlando Weekly that indeed this was quite definitely the best farmer’s market out there.

The Winter Park Farmer’s Market takes place weekly on
Saturdays from 7am – 1pm
on New York Avenue at New England Ave in Winter Park,
one street over from Park Avenue.

Upon arriving you may hear the sound of popping corn coming from a huge kettle pot underneath a white tent. That my friends, is the sound of angels being born. The kettle popcorn at the Farmer’s Market is fresh, hot, and sweet with a slight tinge of caramelized sugar on top that makes it such a delightfully delicious treat to eat with as you walk around the market.

Kettlecorn popcorn at Winter Park Farmer’s Market

Inside the market there are vendors selling everything from your all natural produce, to doggie foods, home made artisan breads, cheeses, flowers, hot peppers, orchids, and more. Its full of people from older women in the area to young couples and quite a few people walking their dogs. The sights and sounds are of a community alive and thriving.

Winter Park Farmer’s Market

Winter Park Farmer’s Market

I take a bite of spinach pie from one of the stalls and it was, as expected, tasty and delicious.

Spinach pie at Winter Park Farmer’s Market

There is a historical building to the south that belongs just to the Winter Park’s Farmers Market and inside you can find more baked goodies such as pies, breads, and more. Overall, I enjoyed my visit to the Winter Park’s Farmers Market and would definitely try to come back again :D.

Inside the warehouse for Winter Park Farmer’s Market

Also, shout out to Mark Baratelli of The Daily City who also actually made a previous visit (video-ed by Orlando Event TV and Michael Poley) where Mark pontificates on the wonders of the Winter Park Farmer’s Market found here:

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  1. The Winter Park Farmer's Market is our favorite in the central florida area. The produce selection is great and it's located next to tons of wonderful shops so its easy to do your produce shopping and then relax with a stroll on Park Ave.